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October 2016. Representatives from NARFU presented the IRCEE within the Baltic forum of energy efficiency and clean technologies - 2016 Print

On October 11-12, 2016, the traditional Baltic forum of energy efficient and clean technologies was held in the city of Kaliningrad.

The purpose of the forum is to create a platform for dialogue on the cooperation between authorities, science, and business in the field of energy efficiency and application of clean technologies in the Baltic sea region, the expansion of partnerships between organizations and companies, identifying barriers and prospects for further cooperation, and new business opportunities.


The target audience of the forum were representatives of authorities, representatives of small and medium business associations of the Kaliningrad region and the Baltic region, representatives of Universities and scientific institutions, and representatives of innovation houses and tech parks.

The leading experts in the field of energy efficiency and clean technologies of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, China, and South Korea were invited to participate in the Forum.

The event was attended by representatives of the Federation Council, profile Ministries and agencies of the Kaliningrad region, Federal and regional authorities, state corporations and Federal universities, as well as entrepreneurs and public figures.

The Forum was held with the support of the Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Kaliningrad region and the project of the Council of Ministers of the Nordic countries: "Energy efficiency and clean technologies in the North-West of Russia."


The Project's partner, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov, also participated in the Forum. Olga Lubova, Ph. D., associate Professor, Director of the Highest School of EOG, and Larisa Potoshina, Director of the Integrated Learning Center for Energy Efficiency, presented a report entitled, "The role of educational components in the integrated approach to the creation of the energy management system of an educational institution on the example of NARFU named after M. V. Lomonosov." Galina Tarasova, Director of Innovative technology centre for Arctic oil and gas laboratory research, also presented a report: "Establishment of a modern research centre at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University for the practical tasks and interaction with business."

The Inter-regional center for professional training and retraining in the field of energy savings and energy efficiency (ICEE), established under the UNDP-GEF Project, "Building energy efficiency in the North-West of Russia," aroused great interest among the organizers and participants of the Forum. The coordinator of the ICEE in the North-West is the NARFU named after M. V. Lomonosov, and platforms-brunches are the universities of Pskov, Vologda, and St. Petersburg. The participants of the Baltic forum were familiarized with this project, educational programs, structure, and work goals of the Interregional centre for energy saving and energy efficiency.

The Baltic Federal University of I.Kant was represented by the scientists who implement real projects. The colleagues study the characteristics of materials for solar panels and blades of wind turbines on critical equipment, which is concentrated in the National tech Park, "Fabrika." Modern laboratories with unique equipment are created in a former Shoe factory. The children's tech park is being established here. There is a laboratory for prototyping and robotronics with an emphasis on new materials. Unique projects are performed in small research groups of students, undergraduates and graduate students under the guidance of competent professors and associate professors.

Presentations and talks within the Forum helped to determine further trajectory towards energy savings, energy efficiency, clean technologies, new materials, and technologies for specific conditions.

The Baltic Forum was successful, it created a great dialogue!