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The topic of "How to save budget funds by reducing energy costs" was discussed during the training for energy management in Vologda Print

trening_vologda1On April 5, the team of the UNDP-GEF Project, "Building energy efficiency in the North-West of Russia," visited the city of Vologda, where the implementation of the system for municipal management of energy resources started in 2016 at the regional level.


trening_vologda2Through the successful experience of another pilot Project region, the Pskov region, which laid the foundation of municipal energy management in Russia, has achieved significant results in Vologda. Over the past year, a regional Energy Manager, Bekryasheva Natalia, was hired in the region. Her first tasks was to compile a registry of all public institutions of the region, which included all 283 companies of 1,000 buildings. All the objects are already put into the EMIS, some of the pilot objects will be carried out in an online collection and data about energy consumption will be transferred, which will, in turn, help with the operational analysis of various aberrations with the subsequent identification of their causes.


For example, the pilot object of the Project kindergarten "RADUGA" in the town of Ostrov managed to save about 90 thousand rubles from the budget from the beginning of 2017 through the implemented energy saving technologies and measures. During the training, Anna Krasnova, the first regional Energy Manager in Russia, gave such a strong example of public sector savings through the introduction of principles in energy management. Anna came from Pskov to introduce a successful experience of implementing similar systems to the Vologda colleagues, and to tell them about the plans for future work in this direction for the region. In her presentation, Anna presented the main elements of the system of municipal management of energy resources, including the registry of budget objects in the region and providing sustainable development of the system in the future. At the same time, the regional energy Manager of the Pskov region noted that the implementation of the system in the region helped to reveal a number of problems in the public sector, such as a partial lack of equipment and a low level of awareness in energy conservation among responsible staff. With more than a year's worth of work, many problems have already been solved.


trening_vologda3Andrey Dodonov, consultant of the UNDP-GEF Project, "Building energy efficiency in the North-West of Russia," spoke on the establishment of the system with the representatives of the public sector in the Vologda region about the prospects for development of this direction in the field. Andrey noted that such informational and technical seminars will be held in Vologda quarterly, which will increase awareness on this issue among the public sector employees responsible for energy conservation. The capabilities of the system EMIS as an effective tool, helping to visually display data about energy consumption in the various sections were also presented to the audience.


Overall, the workshop aroused great interest in the audience. Proper energy planning will not only reduce the costs for energy in institutions, but will also enhance the level of comfort in the buildings.