The EMIS opportunities were presented at the meeting of the Housing Committee of Saint-Petersburg Print

vozmojnosti_emis1EMIS as an effective tool for analysis of energy consumption and adoption of management decisions at the level of administration of the municipality, was presented at the meeting of the Housing Committee of St. Petersburg on February 28.


vozmojnosti_emis2A report about the system opportunities and its future development was presented by the Project National Director, I. S. Kozhukhovsky. "In 2016, the Ministry of Energy entrusted the FSBI "REA" with the development a roadmap for the implementation of the EMIS in the territory of the Russian Federation. The document has been prepared and will be submitted soon for consideration to the Minister A.V. Novak. An adaptation in progress now to the modern Russian realities," said Igor Kozhukhovsky in his speech.


Manager of the UNDP-GEF Project "Building energy efficiency in the North-West of Russia", V. Bekker spoke about the successful experience on the using of the system in the Pskov region and its replication in the Vologda region: "Last year we enlisted of the local Administrations's support on implementation at the local level of urban management of energy resources using the software EMIS as an effective tool for monitoring. Today, there are two, first regional energy managers in Russia, which are working in two areas of the North-Western region."


The theme of the introduction of a mechanism of independent monitoring of the energy consumption in the public sector aroused a great interest and gathered numerous questions, including technical. The meeting participants noted the relevance of this topic and expressed a desire to become more familiar with the system capabilities.


The Project team initiated a proposal to consider a joining the city of Saint Petersburg to pilot sites which are implementing the EMIS.


Recall that the collection of data on the consumption of objects of budget sector is being already performed manually or automatically in the Pskov and the Vologda regions with the support of regional energy managers and use the software EMIS.