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A new energy efficient house in Parfino has been commisioned Print

On July 27, 2016 a pilot energy-efficient residential building was commissioned in Parfino in the Novgorod region. The house was built with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF) Project "Building energy efficiency in the North-West of Russia".


New three-storey 22-apartment house was built under the program of resettlement of citizens of the Novgorod region from the emergency fund. The UNDP-GEF Project, within a joint implementation of this work, funded the installation of energy-saving engineering equipment, lighting and additional insulation of external enclosing structures.


An expert-media tour was dedicated to the solemn event on the completion of the pilot project, which was attended by industry experts and journalists of leading mass media from Moscow and St. Petersburg, representatives of the regional Administration and the Administrations of several districts of the Novgorod region, experts of resources supplying and operating organizations. The members of the delegation with the designers and builders inspected the house and system engineering, learned about energy-saving technologies applied to the object, got acquainted with work of the automated individual heat point along with system of automation and dispatching, talked with residents and also with the experts who had conducted energy audits of the new house and neighboring residential buildings.


Later, during the roundtable, the participants exchanged views about what they had observed and discussed the prospects for development of energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency, as well as scaling and replication of successful Project's experience in Parfino in other regions of the North-West and Russia as a whole.


Brief presentations during the meeting were made by: 

Nikolay Hatuntsev, the Head of Parfino municipal district, Novgorod region;


Irina Alexashkina, Deputy Head of the Department of housing and communal services and fuel and energy complex in the Novgorod region;

Vitaly Bekker, Manager of the UNDP-GEF Project "Building energy efficiency in the North-West of Russia";

Andrey Tarakin, an international consulting company AF Consult;

Alexander Moskalyov, Chief technical Advisor of the UNDP-GEF Project "Building energy efficiency in the North-West of Russia" on implementation of educational components;

Evgeny Konygin, Chairman of the Subcommittee of RUIE on energy efficiency and renewable energy;

Sergey Mayorov, Head of Department for development of strategic planning documents of the Department of strategic development and innovation of Ministry of Economic Development of Russia;

Victor Gornov, Director of the project Department of JSC "Insolar-invest".


In particular, the roundtable participants said that the set of energy-saving measures implemented during the construction of this house has been specifically chosen by experts of UNDP, taking into account climatic characteristics of the region, availability of construction materials and equipment and restrictions on funding (not more than 20% of the cost of civil works). In a new house façades, basement and attic floor are additional insulated, the windows are triple-pane with energy-saving coating, filled with argon, and all radiators are equipped with balancing valves and thermostats.


A modular individual heating unit was built near the house (boiler running on domestic gas of low pressure), which in automatic mode is able to adjust the temperature schedule of heating depending on the air temperature outside and inside. In combination with the dispatching system this solution will help to exclude overheating and save heat energy.


Other innovative solutions implemented during the construction of the house are supply and exhaust ventilation with heat exchangers installed in each residential unit that keeps heat inside of the house, due to the fact that cold air which is coming from outside is heated by air which is leaving the house and lighting of public areas with energy-saving led lamps, equipped with motion sensors, which will simnifically help to save energy.


It should be noted that house built by the order of the Project has passed an energy audit with the involvement of experts of international consulting company AF Consult. And the audit in particular, showed that the parameters of the microclimate in the house- temperature and humidity level fully meet the requirements of State Standard GOST 30494-2011.


The potential savings of thermal energy in a new building, compared with other residential buildings in Parfino, according to experts, up to 57% on windows and up to 86% on the fronts.

Energy savings, according to their calculations, will reach 115 Gcal of heat and more than 13.5 million kWh of electricity per year. In money terms– more than 265 thousand rubles in a year. Do not forget about the important environmental aspect: the implementation of energy saving measures at the object in Parfino will reduce harmful CO2 emissions by almost 30 tons per year.


Comparative measurements and tests will continue and according to their results economic efficiency will be evaluated of the implemented set of works based on which the experts will develop recommendations on replication of energy-saving solutions used in the project.


And in the near future the residents of the house will be able to access the level of comfort and energy saving features of a new house: finishing works in the house are fully completed and the first apartments have already started to accept residents.