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The opening ceremony of the energy management laboratory created with the support of the Project was held in NARFU Print

The new laboratory will help to implement a comprehensive approach to the issues of energy saving in the University. The gala event was held on June 7, in the integrated learning center for energy efficiency training and research center for energy innovations.


The symbolic ribbon symbolizing the opening of the laboratory was cut by the Pro-rector for infrastructure development and information technology of the NARFU Ilya Ivankin, Manager of the UNDP-GEF Project "Building energy efficiency in North-West of Russia" Vitaly Bekker and Chief Engineer of the laboratory of Alexey Romanov.


"We have been waiting for this big day more than one year — we developed educational programs, worked with energy management system for our University. The opening of the laboratory will implement a comprehensive approach to the issues of energy saving in NARFU. I think that this laboratory is a good gift for our students who will enter the master's program "energy management". This year 20 state-funded places will be allocated for this program", — Director of the Institute for Energy and Transport of the NARFU, Olga Lubova said.

Deputy Director of the Institute for Energy and Transport for Science and International Affairs, Pavel Mar'yandyshev spoke about the tasks of the laboratory and announced that the introduction of automation systems for energy accounting helped the University to save about one million rubles for the past six months.

"This laboratory brings together education, research and practical activities. Tasks of the monitoring system is the implementation of data collection and calculation of data for the consumption of thermal and electric energy, hot and cold water supply, as well as the development of measures for integrated energy efficiency improvement for the system of objects and buildings of the University," Pavel Mar'yandyshev said.

A new laboratory was established through the participation of the Institute for Energy and Transport of the NARFU in the UNDP-GEF "Building energy efficiency in the North-West of Russia".



Project Manager Vitaly Bekker called the opening of the laboratory a significant event:

"We have a long history of cooperation with the NARFU. Opening of the laboratory is a powerful impetus for the development of personnel potential of the University. Using the example of such small regional steps and projects a systematic approach can be seen as a tool for effective energy management in the country. In terms of our Project, the laboratory opening is an example of the additional capabilities of the energy management at the regional level. The laboratory will help to explain what is behind a waste of energy. In the future we hope to continue cooperation with the University", — Vitaly Bekker said.


Professor of the Department of Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Engineering, Viktor Lubov noticed that the opening of the laboratory for energy monitoring and energy management is another big step in the development of the University.

"Our Department actively worked on the creation of the laboratory, and the master's program "Energy management" will be implemented with the help of our teachers. I hope this laboratory will become a basis for cooperation with many enterprises in our region", — Professor Lubov said.



The event was also attended by the members of "energy team" from the Pskov region – Regional Energy Manager,  Anna Krasnova and specialist on the installation and integration of the Croatian EMIS program in Russia Andrey Klimenkov. In the near future the program will be launched in Pskov, after that it will be transferred to the Arkhangelsk and other pilot regions of the Project. So the next academic year the students of NARFU will be able to work in the laboratory of energy management and energy monitoring using the EMIS.


The representatives of the city hall of Arkhangelsk, the Ministry of  Fuel and Energy Complex and Housing at the Arkhangelsk region Government and the leadership of the Arkhangelsk Regional Center for Energy Saving also visited the opening of the laboratory.


Within the two-day visit to Arkhangelsk, the Project delegation inspected one of the heating units with remote data collection on energy consumption with displaying on Energy Manager's screen at  the University laboratory. According to the representative of the contractor organization who installed the equipment with the support of the Project, the main advantage of this system of data collection is the lack of cost of maintenance – consumption data are transmitted via the internal LAN of the University, and data are protected from external influences.