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The Project supports three pilot initiatives to demonstrate the potential energy savings that can provide the proposed technical and management solutions, and to create models for replication.

One of the pilot initiatives (Demo Project A) is to implement a pilot construction site (housing): management model, integrating energy efficiency criteria, legislative and regulatory measures, comprehensive design solution and project monitoring.

Currently the Project promotes demonstration projects of building construction in the Novgorod (Parfino) and Pskov regions (the town of Porkhov), as a part of the Demo Project A implementation.

Parfino (the Novgorod region)

Since 2015 the construction of a residential complex, consisting of 2 buildings, is being implemented on the territory of Parfino, the Novgorod region. The purpose of the construction project is provision of housing for citizens, resettled from hazardous dwelling in Parfino.

The design and construction of residential complex on the land plot, located to the address: Russia, the Novgorod region, the Parfino district, Parfino, Mira Street, 14.

New constructions are the three-storey buildings.

Currently the civil works on the construction of first residential building are completed (the building is topped out), and construction of the second residential building has begun (construction of bearing and enclosing structures at the level of the second floor).


Characteristics of the residential complex:

The 1st residential building:

Total building area – 608,41 sq. m;

Total -25 apartments,a total area of residential building 1280,0 sq. m, including a total area of apartments with loggias – 1112,0 sq. m

One-bedroom apartments- 12 apartments;

Two-bedroom apartments- 9 apartments;

Two bedroom apartments – 4 apartments.

The 2nd residential building:


Total building area - 519.03 sq.m .;

Total- 22 apartments,a total area of residential building 1094.0 sq.m, including a total area of apartments with loggias - 956.0 sq.m.

One-bedroom apartments - 11 apartments;

One bedroom apartment - 9 apartments;

Two-bedroom apartments - 2 apartments.

Individual heating plant for new buildings will be located in a separate technical unit (gas boiler house).

An estimated period of time permission to enter the construction complex in operation - December 2015.


A tripartite Agreement on a joint implementation of demonstration project on energy efficient construction in Parfino, the Novgorod region, was signed on June 23, 2015.

The agreement was signed by:

-Project National Director Kozhukhovsky I.S. (UNDP/GEF Project);

-Head of the Administration Dement’ev V.V. (Administartion of Parfino Municipal district);

-Head of the Administration Khatuntsev N.V. (Administartion of Parfino Municipal district).


Currently, the design documentation is being adjusted in order to increase energy efficiency of designed objects.

"Turn-around within the price of one square meter is very difficult, and through participation of the UNDP Project, the opportunity was received to apply additional measures, with the financial portion being the first part of the question. Skilled designers have prepared adjustments in the design and estimate documentation for houses under construction. It is also a big help for us, to make changes in such documentation beyond the scope," Khatuntsev Nikolay, Head of the District, said in the interview for our shooting team.

In Parfino, under the state program of resettlement from hazardous dwelling, two apartment buildings were built. The first construction was completed before inviting the Project's experts. The second received funding from the UNDP and will be equipped with energy-saving technologies from the foundation to the roof.


With the support of the Project, an engineering center was installed near the building, which includes its main engineering systems and a disposal of household waste. It was proposed to install an automated individual thermal unit as a technical solution to release the inhabitants from the autumn-winter overheating and help to reduce the amount of payments for heating. The device helps to adjust the water temperature in the heating system and saves heating energy. It reacts to changes in temperature outside and quickly reduces or increases the heat supply to the apartments.

However, the residents themselves can decide what  climate will be in their homes with manual thermostats mounted on the radiators in each apartment. There is also the heat energy meter allocator, which is designed for individual metering of heat energy in buildings. 

To avoid energy losses through the open windows, each apartment will install an automated supply-exhaust ventilation with a heat recovery of exhaust air. A  ventilator removes warm air from the home through the internal tubes of the heat recovery  wheel. In this case the external tubes heat and transfer the cold temperature to the air flow, which enters the room through the valve from the street. This helps to save heat for heating the supply air.

The facade of the building, basement and attic floor will be additionally insulated. Due to this heat transfer, resistance of enclosing structures will increase almost two times, which will lead to a considerable reduction of heat losses through external walls. The Project's specialists offered to replace the standard budget windows for  energy saving models with selective coating. In these windows, the space between the panes is filled with an inert gas, which will also help to reduce the heat losses of the building.



The town of Porkhov (the Pskov region)


On June 24, 2015 the meeting was held in Pskov with Deputy Governor of the Pskov region Kuznetsov A. V., where the decision was made on a joint implementation of a similar project in the town of Porkhov, the Pskov region.

The meeting was attended by: Project Economic Advisor Tsakunov S. V., Regional Project Manager Murav’ev P. A., Project Chief Technical Advisor Gorshkov A. S., Deputy Governor of the Pskov region Kuznetsov A.V., Chairman of the Committee for Tariffs and Energy of the Pskov region Pilipenko E. V., first Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Construction and HCS of the Pskov region Kolpinskaya Y.A., Head of the Porkhov municipal district Stepanov V.N., Head of Legal Department of the Porkhov Administration district Samsonova Y. G., Director of contractor organization Smirnov I.E.

The possibility was discussed on the meeting of a joint implementation of the demonstration project under construction of energy efficient housing in the town of Porkhov, in the Pskov region.


The following decisions were made:

  1. The government of Pskov region is interested in development of cooperation with the UNDP/GEF Project.
  2. For implementation of a joint project on construction of energy efficient housing in the territory of the Pskov region, to provide an area, located in the town of Porkhov, which is implemented for the resettlement of citizens from hazardous dwelling.

Description of the construction:

Place of construction: Pskov Region, the town of Porkhov.

Completion date: December 2016

Number of apartments - 42.

Total area: at least 1554.18 sq. m.

On July 28, 2015 Victor Stepanov The Head of the Porkhov municipal district and National Director of theUNDP / GEF Project "Building Energy Efficiency in the North-West of Russia" Igor Stepanovich Kozhukhovsky signed an agreement on a joint implementation of a demonstration project for the construction  energy efficient facilities in the city of Porkhov, in the Pskov region.

In September, 2015 a work meeting was held In the town of Porkhov in the Pskov region, where the Head of the Porkhov district Administration Stepanov V. N. signed an Agreement, under which a construction company "Dom service Plus" (Director - Smirnov I.E.) will perform the work to improve energy efficiency of residential apartment building which is under construction in Porkhov, implemented within the Agreement No. 1 on provision of a technical assistance between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP/GEF Project "Building energy efficiency in the North- West of Russia") and the Administration of the Porkhov District, the Pskov region from September 18, 2015.

The meeting participants discussed the joint project plan in 2015 and 2016, phases and deadlines of work, and then visited the construction site and got acquainted with the progress of construction works. Currently work on the construction of the building first floor has been completed. On October 9, 2015 the service of the State Construction Supervision visited the facility.